sigsegv's improved MvM server

What this is

A Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine dedicated server with various unofficial fixes and tweaks applied, plus custom missions.

My primary goal is to make a better overall MvM experience by fixing and tweaking the game mode in various small ways, addressing many of the bugs, annoyances, and inconsistencies that affect the game mode.

How to play

Use this convenient Steam link or manually connect from console:


Important: You need to make sure that TF2 is set to "allow all custom files from server" in the Multiplayer tab of the game settings. Otherwise, stuff may not work.

To spectate with SourceTV, use this Steam link or manually connect from console:


Custom pop file features

Various custom pop file features are supported on the server. Here's the documentation for all currently supported custom features.

List of fixes, tweaks, mods, etc.

Bug fixes

Gameplay tweaks

Sound tweaks

Upgrade station tweaks

Pop file fixes

The precise changes made to the popfiles can be viewed on GitHub.

Custom maps/missions

If you have a custom MvM map/mission you'd like to see added, contact me!

Recommended client-side mods

If you want these, you'll need to download and install them yourself. The server is sv_pure 0, so the mods will show up.

Coming soon

Steam profile

YouTube channel

GameBanana page

GitHub repo

How to contact

Message me on Steam, post in the forum thread, or send an email to

Server specifications